Friday, March 27, 2009

Canastota, New York: Boxing Hall of Fame

ou can't be a small town in upstate New York without having your own Hall of Fame. Cooperstown, Oneonta, Utica ... they all have one.

Canastota didn't want to be left out of the fun, so it created the Boxing Hall of Fame. The little town is known in boxing circles for producing two champions, Carmen Basillo and Billy Backus. So it seemed like a natural.

There had been other attempts at boxing Halls, but this one caught on. The building itself is about as big as a typical house, so it's kind of cute. An extra hall has been added next door. It's mostly used on induction weekends, but the Hall sells memorabilia in there the rest of the year.

The Boxing Hall is right off the Thruway. It's not a big-budget production, and it doesn't take long to see, but it gives off a warm feeling in its own way. It might be worth a rest stop to look around and see who is inducted (exhibit pictured) if you have an interest in the sport.

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