Friday, March 27, 2009

Castile, New York: Letchworth State Park (Summer)

Every state, it seems, would like to have its own Grand Canyon. Of course, there's only one, but that doesn't stop anyone. Pennsylvania has the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, Hawaii has the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, and New York has the Grand Canyon of the East.

Here is New York's canyon, generally known as Letchworth State Park. The Genesee River did some nice carving in the region over the years, and the area was turned into park in 1907 by Governor Charles Evans Hughes. William Letchworth donated the land.

There are three major waterfalls in the park. There is an iron bridge a short distance from the Upper Falls, complete with a great view and a no trespassing sign. The view is shown here.

This is a particularly great spot to visit in the fall, as you'd imagine.

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