Saturday, March 7, 2009

Clarksburg, West Virginia: Stonewall Jackson's Birthplace

Every town in America wants some sort of claim to fame. Otherwise, it wouldn't get an exit on the Interstate.

So welcome to Clarksburg, West Virginia, a nice enough place in the middle of the state. It's not long on entries in the AAA TourBook, though. Here's the birthplace of Confederate General Stonewall Jackson; it's right on Main Street in the middle of downtown. It's easy to ask why a Northern state is marking the birthplace of a Southern general, but the answer probably is in the first paragraph of this page.

By the way, there's a fine divided highway from the Interstate through Clarksburg that runs for a few miles. We couldn't figure out why they bothered, but no doubt the place has Senator Byrd to thank for it.

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