Monday, March 9, 2009

Keystone, South Dakota: Mount Rushmore National Memorial


It's one of the most famous mountains in America, and it's more impressive than you'd think in person. For Mount Rushmore is quite a sight.

You know the story, about how Gutzon Borglum had a vision to put four Presidents' faces on a mountain. About 14 years later, he did exactly that.

Visitors walk up the Avenue of Flags for a dramatic entrance, and then start taking pictures quickly when reaching the Grand View Terrace. The shot was taken from there.

You can get up relatively close to the mountain by walking on the Presidential Trail. You can see the sculptor's studio, complete with a model. You can go into the huge gift shop. You can even leave the area, go west on the road, and stop at an overlook to see Washington's profile.

But mostly, you can stand and admire this magnificent work. Nice job, Gutzon.

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