Friday, March 6, 2009

London, Ontario: Labatt's Brewery

Here's a tip for all you travelers out there -- the travel brochures really mean what they say. Here's a real-life example.

We planned to go through London, Ontario, on our way to Michigan and saw a brochure for the Labatt's brewery. Tours were available to visit, but potential visitors should call ahead of time. Since we found out about the tours only hours before the visit, we figured we'd just show up and hope to get lucky. Oops. No luck. The people were friendly, but there was no one around who could give us a tour, and there wouldn't be one for hours.

The tour at least looks comprehensive, taking a couple of hours. And, there is a tasting session at the end. Good idea.

The Labatt's brewery is only a few miles off Highway 401. You get to cross the Thames River on the way there. It seems that the founder of the city had idea of making London the capital of Upper Canada when he named it. The tactic didn't work, but the river's name remains.

Next time, we're going to be prepared. And, we may double up by visiting the Guy Lombardo Museum, if only for old time's sake.

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