Saturday, March 7, 2009

Olympic National Park, Washington: Hoh Rain Forest

You wouldn't expect a rain forest to be particularly accessible. That certainly is the case with the Hoh Rain Forest in the middle of Olympic National Park.

The road to it is impressively windy and underconstructed; it's also wet and dark. It takes about 15 or 20 miles of driving to get there, but it's a very unusual place once you get there. The United States is not exactly filled with rain forests; the one in Olympic, in fact, is unique.

There's a small visitors center at the end of the road, which is a good launching point for further exploration. There are a couple of quick and easy trails that start and end there. It's a good place for some pleasant exploration. The more adventurous can take longer hikes or even head for the mountains.

You'll like the of the simple trail. And there sure are some big trees in there -- the 140 inches of rain per year apparently doesn't go to waste.

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