Saturday, March 7, 2009

Richmond, Virginia: Museum of the Confederacy

The South shall rise again ... in the midst of a hospital.

The Museum of the Confederacy and the Confederate White House are located right in the midst of the Virginia Commonwealth University medical center. That can make parking a little tricky. But if you find a spot in the ramp, you can visit an odd place in history.

Above is the place where Jefferson Davis lived and worked while he was President of the Confederacy. A tour of the place takes less than an hour. It's not too big or fancy. Once Richmond fell in April 1865, Abraham Lincoln spent an afternoon working on Civil War details out of Davis' library ... and it's great to stand in the same room. The tour guide knows plenty of details about Davis and his life. Who knew that he was actually elected to office, albeit without opposition?

The Museum is tucked next door. There are a variety of exhibits about the Confederacy; during our visit the Navy was profiled.

Northerners may find this to have a different approach to history, since there are no apologies for the South's actions here. It's simply presented the way it was at the time.

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