Saturday, March 7, 2009

Williamsburg, Virginia: Presidents Park

Here's something you don't see every day, Chauncey. Head-and-shoulder statues of all the Presidents extending 16-to-18 feet into the air.

It must be Presidents Park, another attraction of the Williamsburg area. It doesn't get the publicity of Colonial Williamsburg, but it's just as unique in its own way.

Above is a look at the "first half" of the park. That's Jefferson on the right in front, with Madison, Monroe and Jackson on the right. The blue patch that looks like a plane is a replica of Air Force One, which adds to the Presidential atmosphere.

Anyone would expect Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt or a recent President on a page like this. Not here, though. Below on the left if Millard Fillmore, who is rather anonymous except in Buffalo, where he is buried. On the right is Franklin Pierce, who is pretty anonymous everywhere.

The park also has a Palm Beach County voting booth from 2000, and some replicas of First Ladies gowns. You can pay to have your picture taken in a replica of the Oval Office. But the Presidents are the star attraction. Each President, including George W. Bush, has a sign with facts about him and his Administration. (Don't know how fast they can get Obama up and ready.)

The owner even asked us how we enjoyed our visit. They didn't do that in Jamestown.

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