Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dearborn, Michigan: Ford Rouge Factory Tour

Holy mackerel.

This is one big factory.

The Ford Rouge Factory Tour takes a look at the assembly plant for the Ford F-150 truck. The building is something like six football fields in size, all under one roof. Visitors (who aren't allowed to take pictures) walk the observation desk and watch the trucks go through the various steps. About a truck a minute comes off the end of the line.

The bus to the visitors center goes through the complex, which is so huge it used to host 100,000 workers per day. Once the visitors go past the statue of Henry Ford at left, they see films on the plant, get an overview of the complex, and then visit the plant itself.

By the way, the plant is on the Rouge River. One of the tour guides didn't know how the place got its name, which shocked us.

Your guide probably will know more. If you like this stuff, and you should, it's worth buying a ticket in advance.

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