Friday, April 3, 2009

Springfield, Massachusetts: Basketball Hall of Fame

It's Basketball Hall of Fame number 3, and you'd have to say they are getting the hang of it. Number one was at Springfield College, where the game was actually invented. Number two was placed in downtown Springfield, right off the Interstate. That proved too small, so number three went up a couple of years ago.

The building is shaped like a basketball. The inside is broken up into three rings. The top honors the greats of the game, complete with short biographies. The middle section has tributes to players, coaches, media, strategies, etc. The bottom is an actual court, where you can shoot to your heart's delight on regulation baskets or a special peach basket. The floor is also where the induction ceremony is held each year. There is a ton of interactive features, and it's all very well done. Even if your interest in basketball is lukewarm, this definitely is worth a visit.

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