Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Erie, Pennsylvania: Bicentennial Tower

If you had to guess which bicentennial, you'd probably be wrong.

Erie's waterfront lookout was built for the 200th birthday of the city in 1996, and not the 200th birthday of the country in 1976. It was a good idea either way.

The tower is at the end of State Street and it's tough to miss when driving down the waterfront. There are a couple of observation towers. We would have taken some pictures the day we were there, but the area was closed off for a fireworks show scheduled for that night. Darn. You can see the Perry Monument at Presque Isle if you look carefully (might help to click on the picture to see a larger image at the lower left).

The area around the tower has a hotel, some shops, marina, etc. It's a clean, functional, people-friendly area. That serves as a nice contrast to other parts of the Erie waterfront, which has surprisingly few areas for public access. So at least they are trying.

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