Friday, October 23, 2009

Gallitzen, Pennsylvania: Gallitzen Tunnels Park

It's tough not to hear about railroads when visiting Southcentral Pennsylvania. Every town likes to connect itself with the history involved, and that includes Gallitzin.

The town is located a little bit West of Altoona, off U.S. 22. Right in the middle of it is Gallitzin Tunnels Park. You take a walk on an overpass and see the tunnel that is still used by the Norfolk Southern. To its left is the remains of another tunnel, now out of use.

Adjoining the park is a restored caboose and some informational signs. Across the street is a small museum and gift shop. The workers there really are happy to see visitors; be sure to sign the guest book to let people (meaning those who keep track of attendance for funding purposes) know you were there.

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