Friday, October 23, 2009

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Forbes Field

Forbes Field was home to the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1909 to 1971. Then it was torn down as the Pirates headed to Three Rivers Stadium downtown. While Three Rivers is already gone and hardly missed, Forbes Field is still a pleasant memory to many.

Maybe that's why parts of the place are still visible to the public. Part of the outfield wall has been saved. It sits in Schenley Park, adjoining the University of Pittsburgh. Every October 13, people gather and listen to a recording of Game Seven of the World Series, ended by Bill Mazeroski's dramatic walk-off home run.

Home plate was saved as well, and it can be found in Posvar Hall across the street from the wall. However, it's not exactly where it was when the ball park was standing. Supposedly, home plate rested where a women's restroom is now. The display spot in the hall is a bit more, um, tourist-friendly. There's a nice autographed picture of Mazeroski nearby. It's all worth a look for baseball fans.

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