Saturday, July 3, 2010

Carson City, Nevada: The State Capitol

The State Capitol of Nevada dates back to 1871. It's been fixed up a few times since then, including a $6 million remodeling in 1981, and it's still pretty nice.

The building used to house all three branches of state government, but the legislature and judiciary now have their own buildings within the campus of downtown Carson City. (It's a nice layout, by the way. Someone did a good job of planning.) The Capitol mostly houses the executive branch, as the Governor has an office there. You can even stop in and pick up the Gov's business card if you are so inclined.

Portraits of former Governors are hung on the walls of the building, and visitors can see the old legislative and judical chambers.

By the way, the Nevada legislature by law can only meet every other year for a maximum of 120 days. Sounds like a good way to keep them from doing much mischief ... particularly if you live in the state of New York.

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