Friday, July 2, 2010

South Lake Tahoe, California: Tahoe Queen

When they are visiting Lake Tahoe, most people like the idea of getting some perspective on where exactly they are. It's tough to do that from the road that rings the lake.

Therefore, cruises are a popular attraction there. The Tahoe Queen is a big paddleboat that runs out of South Lake Tahoe. There are a few different offerings. We took the 2.5-hour trip (that lasted three hours when we had trouble docking) to Emerald Bay, and there are dinner cruises as well. (Check out the tourist literature to see other cruises in the area; you might want something smaller.)

This is a big boat with three levels for passengers. That gives kids some space to run around. What's more, you get a different perspective from the top as opposed to being right at water level on the bottom. There is some overpriced food and drink available for purchase. Some cruises can be a little dull, but this was one of the good ones and is worth your time.

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