Thursday, August 19, 2010

Milford, Pennsylvania: The Columns

Welcome to the biggest (well, "most unusual" would be a better description) tourist attraction in Milford, Pennsylvania. It's a flag with Abraham Lincoln's blood on it.

OK, it's not Mount Rushmore. It seems when Lincoln was shot, somebody grabbed something, anything, to cradle the President's injured head. A flag qualified. Lincoln went across the street shortly after that, and the flag fell into private hands. Then it was donated to the Pike County Historical Society, which has it right off the entrance.

The museum goes through two floors, and has the usual variety of local history on display. Baseball fans might remember Smokey Joe Wood, who was a star pitcher for the Boston Red Sox about 95 years ago until he blew out his arm. There are some nice clippings about this native son.

The museum is at 608 Broad St. in Milford, right in the midst of the major commercial district of the village.

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