Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Green Bay, Wisconsin: Lambeau Field

You might be surprised to know that an atrium is the biggest attraction of any visit to Lambeau Field.

This addition to the fabled stadium was added around 2003, and it is spectacular. The Green Bay Packers really did a nice job with the atrium, which serves many purposes. The team's executive offices are there, as are a restaurant and bar. Down below are the team's facilities, which really are state of the art. And naturally, there is a huge souvenir stand. If you want anything with the Packers' logo on it, this is the place to visit. Our personal favorite was a woman's purse shaped like a football and decked out in green and gold. The cost was a little more than $100.

What's more, the addition has helped turn the stadium into a revenue producer. Tours are given of the building year-round, and Lambeau hosts something like 600 events per year.

Even if you are lukewarm about football, this is worth a stop.

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