Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chester, West Virginia: World's Largest Teapot

It's Chester's top tourist destination!

For those crossing over from the Ohio side on the main bridge on U.S. Route 30 East, take the first exit. Once you reach the main road, go right -- under the highway. On the other side, by the on-ramp to go back over the bridge, is the world's largest teapot.

According to the official history, this started out as a giant root beer barrel (an ad for Hires), became a restaurant, and eventually turned into a tourist attraction when the city bought it. Supposedly Hampton Hotels supplied the money to fix it up in 2007.

After you snap the photo of it, you dodge a little traffic to cross the street and stop at the bait store/mini-mart. That's where you can find a post card of it. Mrs. Road Trips went in to buy one, and the woman in front of her bought a supply of chewing tobacco. You don't see women chewing much in Buffalo.

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