Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cape Vincent, New York: Tibbetts Point Lighthouse

Attention, geography fans.

Speaking as someone who once drove to the spot where the Erie Canal either ended or began at the Hudson River, you'll love Cape Vincent.

All of the Great Lakes eventually drain into the St. Lawrence River, and Cape Vincent sits on the spot where Lake Ontario turns into a river. The place is marked by the Tibbetts Point Lighthouse. The brochure on the town lists the lighthouse as the top local attraction.

Captain John Tibbetts donated the land for the lighthouse way back in the 1820's. They named the place after him. The Coast Guard still has control over the facility, but it does it by remote control in Oswego. There is a visitors' center that is open Memorial Day to Columbus Weekend.

You get there exactly the way you'd think you would. Get off at the last exit on Interstate 81, take a left, go on Route 12 to Route 12E. Eventually you'll run into a road that's marked as a dead end, but actually extends a handful of miles west to the lighthouse.

It's a nice little spot for a summer visit.

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