Thursday, August 29, 2013

Austin, Minnesota: Hormel Historic Home

There's no bigger family name in Austin, Minnesota, than Hormel.

George Hormel started the food production company that still bears his name more than a century after its beginning. Its biggest plant and headquarters are still located in Austin.

Is it any wonder, then, that the town tries to remember his legacy when possible?

Toward that end, the house that George and his wife owned has been turned into a museum. The contents have been preserved from the time when the Hormel family lived in it. Everything's not the same, but he'd recognize it in a visit. Tours are available for a small fee. The house is right on the edge of downtown on 4th Ave. NW.

Some remodeling has taken place over the years, such as the columns in front shown in the picture. A banquet/meeting area in the back is fairly new, and helps the non-profit organization stay solvent. It's a popular place for weddings and receptions, as you'd expect.

By the way, it was funny to hear the reaction when we mentioned we were from Buffalo. George Hormel was born in Buffalo, and his parents were buried there.

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