Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Blue Earth, Minnesota: Jolly Green Giant

Ho, ho, ho.

Yeah, that one was easy.

Blue Earth may be the place where the Eskimo Pie was more or less invented (it was originally called the Chocolate Dream), but it's famous for the big fella.

Green Giant/Seneca Foods had been involved in the Blue Earth area for many years. When the Golden Stripe was placed on the Interstate in 1978, the town marked the occasion by hauling out a new statue of the Jolly Green Giant. It was a big hit, so to speak. The company didn't chip in to pay for it, but the structure did get built.

Eventually, the Giant found a home in a park just off the Interstate ... although, let's face it, it's too bad you can't see it from the Interstate. It might lure more motorists and their wallets off the road. Then again, the sight of a 55.5-foot green guy might cause some drivers to lose control. So, we're forced to drive a mile south to see him. There is a little souvenir stand near the structure.

Oh, and you probably can't see the platform that is placed between the Giant's legs. Thus, everyone can pose for a picture between his size 78 shoes.

Green Giant doesn't own the packing plant any more, but the namesake watches over the town anyway. When I put this photo on Facebook, people seemed to love it. It looks like the Giant's head is literally in the clouds. So be sure to stop.

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