Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fargo, North Dakota: Maury Wills Museum

Maury Wills was one of the most influential baseball players in recent history. That's not to say he wasn't good, because he clearly was - maybe not Hall of Fame level, but very good at times.

But like a rock band that was more influential than popular (think Little Feat), Wills opened up new possibilities in baseball. He stole 104 bases in 1962, changing the game forever. No longer would the home run be the only offensive weapon. It was a throwback to the early 1910s, when no one went deep. Wills helped to make it a more exciting game, and that's true to this day.

Fargo is obviously proud of its native son, and he's honored in a ballpark. This little museum is on the ground floor of Newman Outdoor Field, located in North Fargo. The park hosts an independent league team and is on a college campus - North Dakota State. There is a variety of items from Wills' career on display, including a video. If you like baseball, it's worth a little detour.

Here's what you will see:


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