Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fargo, North Dakota: Movie woodchipper

This may not be the most appropriate way to welcome tourists to North Dakota.

The good city of Fargo, located right by the Minnesota border, doesn't bother with one of those welcome centers that are just off the highway. No, they have a full-fledged information center in town.

What's more, the most famous woodchipper in movie history is the main attraction. You know, the one used to, um, dispose the evidence in the movie "Fargo."

Here it is. You can't read the autographs of the Coen brothers, the brains behind one of the best movies in 1996, but they are there. The woodchipper is joined by a copy of the movie script, and a scrapbook.

There are the usual maps, tourist guides and rest rooms here, but I'd bet plenty of people come in just to see the woodchipper. By the way, there's also free popcorn - if you didn't see the movie. But if you didn't, treat yourself and get it.

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