Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mitchell, South Dakota: McGovern Legacy Museum

It's said that any child can grow up to be President of the United States. George McGovern didn't quite make it to the White House, but he sure came a long way after growing up in a very small town in South Dakota - even smaller than Mitchell.

McGovern went to college at Dakota Wesleyan University, and that's where he has a library named for him. In fact, his old house is just down the street.

There's a relatively small museum within the library that pays tributes to McGovern. He narrated videos about such topics as his work in the House and Senate, his Presidential campaign, and his personal background. The man sure had a lot of political buttons made for his campaigns over the years.

McGovern is remember by some for a one-sided loss to Richard Nixon, but no one ever questioned his integrity and he brought a lot of new people into the political discussion. McGovern should be remembered for that too, and he is here.

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