Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sioux Falls, South Dakota: Falls Park

You probably wouldn't know this without visiting it, but waterfalls are a big reason why Sioux Falls is the biggest city in South Dakota.

There aren't many waterfalls in that part of the world. The area is flat enough to hold a world-class marathon, but that didn't help those in the 19th century that needed water power.

However, Sioux Falls greeted visitors with just the right type of rock to get worn away in just the right away. Industry grew around the falls of the Big Sioux River, and a city grew around the industry starting in 1856.

Water power isn't so important these days, so the city fathers (and mothers) of the city turned it into a park in the middle of town. The rocks give it a nice quality, and you can walk all around the water thanks to a bridge. I guess they string holiday lights all over the place in December. This picture was taken near an observation tower; city souvenirs are sold at the bottom in a Visitor Information Center.

The park also is a stopping point for a free trolley that takes a 25-minute tour of Sioux Falls. It's an easy way to see what it looks like, although you should know that there is no narration.

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