Monday, October 14, 2013

Blue Mountain Lake, New York: Adirondack Museum

Care for a course on the Adirondacks? This is your place. The Adirondack Museum bills itself as a place for an epic visit, and it isn't kidding. We stopped for about three hours to see it, and then had a leisurely lunch overlooking Blue Mountain Lake, which is spectacular.

This has buildings big and small spread over a large campus. Sample subjects are boating, logging, recreation, and transportation. You can climb a fire tower and see a luxury railroad car.

It's all very well done, telling the story of the region in relatively complete fashion. I'm not sure if kids will have the patience to spend three hours here, but they will certain learn some things if they do.

The picture here is of the Marion River Carry Pavilion, which looks pretty nice in the fall. Or any other time.

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