Friday, October 11, 2013

Lake Placid, New York: Olympic Center

Drive to Lake Placid, and it's easy to wonder how this little village hosted the Winter Olympics ... twice. Those two-lane roads couldn't have been much in the middle of winter. Yes, the Games weren't such a big deal in 1932, but they sure were in 1980. But this place did it, and it rightfully proud of it.

The Olympic Center is in the middle of town, right across the street from Mirror Lake. There's a museum here, and some ice rinks. But it's also the place where one of the most famous hockey games in history was played. Perhaps you have heard of the "Miracle on Ice," in which the United States beat the Soviets in the medal round and eventually went on to the gold medal.It's worth taking the tour just to sit in that arena and chant "U-S-A," as if it is 1980 all over again.

By the way, this building is right on Lake Placid's main street, and it's worth a walk. There are plenty of interesting shops and restaurants there, including an outlet for USA Hockey. The area has become a little more upscale in recent years, for what its worth.

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