Friday, October 11, 2013

Syracuse, New York: NBT Bank Stadium

Welcome to the relatively new home of the Syracuse Chiefs, the AAA baseball team that's in the International League.

The Chiefs played in MacArthur Stadium for years and years, but finally got a new playpen some years ago. It's in the same location, more or less as the old place. NBT Bank Stadium seats more than 11,000 fans. I particularly like the "Chiefsville" sign out front.

By the way, the facility is located on Tex Simone Drive. Simone was the longtime general manager of the team, and the Simone name was associated with the franchise for many decades.

Downtown ballparks usually are more to my liking than ones away from the middle of the city. To be fair, this one is near Destiny USA, a huge, huge shopping center, and Interstate 81, so it gets points for convenience in that sense. Parking is plentiful.

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