Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Anchorage, Alaska: Captain Cook Tribute

You learn something every day when using the Internet. The value is up to you to determine.

Here we have a tribute to Captain Cook, the famous explorer who toured the Pacific three times back in the 1700s. I think he did more traveling than a Secretary of State and is remembered more fondly in most cases. It's a nice little exhibit in downtown Anchorage.

The art work is part of the Captain Cook Parking Garage. I'm willing to say this is an odd way to salute one of the founding fathers of Anchorage. The hotel in the Alaska city makes sense, but the parking ramp is an odd one in the respect category.

When exploring the subject on line, I came across a first reference that was a bit of a shock. There's an entry in Parkopedia about it.

Parkopedia? Who knew?

We were the only tourists visiting this site on a Saturday night, which shows that the tourists who come to Anchorage (and we were in a big group) obviously need to do some research and widen their perspective on what to see.

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