Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Anchorage, Alaska: Log Cabin Visitor Information Center

Those who seek information about Anchorage are in for a bit of a treat on their way there.

They are greeted by a "Spirit Bridge." Roger Barr designed it to soar toward the sky and eventually become part of downtown Anchorage. It is dedicated to the late Robert Hartig, a lawyer and community leader of the city.

Underneath and beyond the arch is the Log Cabin Visitor Information Center. You should notice the grass that is growing on the roof; there are some other items on there too (onions, flowers).

The cabin was made out of logs from Homer, Alaska. It went up in 1954, and has been welcoming tourists ever since. The staff is quite friendly and helpful.

Outside, a jade boulder is near the front door. This was shipped from a location above the Arctic Circle; jade is the state gem of Alaska. It checks in at 5,000 pounds, so don't think about carrying it away.

There's also a crossroads sign, pointing out the distances to various cities around the world. Anchorage used to be a major refueling stop for airplanes that couldn't make long journeys between continents. Anchorage's sister cities are listed as well.

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