Monday, June 16, 2014

Fairbanks, Alaska: Antler Arch

Your journey in Alaska starts here.

Well, it should start here.

It's the "Antler Arch," which has been called the northernmost arch of its kind in the world. Who am I to disagree?

(Brief tangent: Fairbanks loves these geographic distinctions. I saw a sign on one restaurant pointing out that patrons were about to enter the northernmost Denny's in the country.)

The antlers have been collected from across northern Alaska. Fairbanks is something of a jumping-off point to the vast frontier beyond the city. If you want to explore the Gates of the Arctic National Park, Point Barrow, etc., you stock up on supplies here ... because there aren't many after this on what roads there are in the region.

The arch is located just a few feet northwest from the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center, right along the riverfront. The Center has some good exhibits on the area, and shows free movies as well. Speaking of those movies, the titles and showing times are printed in the local newspaper - which is at the least unusual. 

This may be the only antler arch that has its own web cam. Depending on when in the year you visit this page, you can see the arch in daylight at midnight or darkness at noon.

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