Friday, August 29, 2014

Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario: The Grotto

Probably the top tourist attraction in the entire peninsula is the Grotto at Bruce Peninsula National Park. Be warned - it's a little tough to see.

After finding a parking place (go early or late, by the way), tourists - mostly wearing swim suits - walk for about 25 minutes to the shoreline. The coast is rocky and beautiful there. One warning - it's a little tough to navigate the area on foot because of the uneven surfaces. If you have mobility issues, you'll only be able to reach a lookout above the area - still well worth it. I'm not sure if an American park would allow people to go swimming here.

More climbing on rocks to the north is necessary, and it's also on the difficult side. Along the way, visitors can see this small grotto (pictured here), which is quite spectacular in its own right. People do make it to the grotto and go inside the cave for a swim. I wasn't prepared to do that during my visit, so I'll rely on the work of someone else to show it here.

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