Friday, August 29, 2014

Hamilton, Ontario: Dinosaur models

Flamborough Patio Furniture has all sorts of interesting items scattered around its grounds. That includes models of animals, including dinosaurs. Some are even life-sized.

That certainly makes it an unusual spot to buy a shed.

There's no explanation on the web site as to why this was done. There is a reference on it that says it is home of the dinosaurs, but that's it. No doubt someone thought it was a cute gimmick.

And it works. Once you start touring the grounds to see the works of art, you can't help but notice the furniture. They do have a wide variety of items. Someone offered to help, and I said, "We're just looking for ideas. So far we've seen two swings and a dinosaur we like." The man laughed.

The store is located on Highway 6, not too far north of Route 403. It's on the west side of the road. Look for the T-Rex near the entrance.

Based on the picture, it looks like there's a new mouth to feed on the grounds.

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