Saturday, August 30, 2014

Owen Sound, Ontario: The Ancaster

Here's a story of a town that wasn't happy about a change in its country's currency. Trust me, it will make sense in a minute.

This is the Ancaster, a tug boat that has retired after performing years of service. It is located right next to the visitors' center of Owen Sound, standing watch over the harbor (or, in Canadian, harbour) it once patrolled. The area around the water, by the way, is nicely maintained.

Owen Sound used to be a good-sized hub for commercial transportation, with all sorts of ships and trains passing through. The world has changed since then, so this is something of a tribute to a bygone era.

The catch is that the Ancaster used to be pictured on Canada's one-dollar bill. Alas, the dollar bill died several years ago, in favor of a coin. It must have been nice while it lasted.

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