Friday, August 29, 2014

Tobermory, Ontario: Shipwreck

There's a story behind this odd-looking picture. Luckily.

This is the City of Grand Rapids, built in 1879. It caught fire while docked in Tobermory in 1907. Rather than put the fire out, the ship was towed and released. It drifted into "Big Tub" - the larger of the two harbors in Tobermory - then sank.

There is another ship nearby in the water, the Sweepstakes. That went aground in 1885.

There are a couple of boat tours that go by the sunken vessels. They have glass bottoms so that you can look at the remains below. However, the water is actually shallow, and you can get a good look at a larger section of the ships just by looking over the edge of your boat. That's what I did for this picture.

Here's an underwater look at the Sweepstakes, taken by someone else:

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