Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Little Rock, Arkansas: The Little Rock

When visiting Little Rock, Arkansas, the obvious question to be asked is: "Where is the Little Rock?" A piece of it is still there.

It seems when the area was being explored, Benard de le Harpe saw a big rock on the north side of the Arkansas River. He called it the "French Rock," which eventually became known as the "Big Rock."

That left the other side of the river, which had a smaller bit of rock along the river. It was eventually reduced in size to make more room for a railroad bridge.

A piece of the rock found its way to the mayor's office, where it sat for no particular reason. Then, the idea came along to place it near its original home. And that's where it is, just to the east and below a bridge that has been converted to pedestrian use.

By the way, most of the rock on the north side is gone. They dug it out, and used it to build the city on the other side of the river.

Supposedly, not that many residents even know the story of the odd boulder by the river. So you can one-up them by visiting it.

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