Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Little Rock, Arkansas: State Capitol

Is there some sort of cookie-cutter that cranks out state capitols? It seems like most of them look alike - dome on top, spaces for the legislature, lots of columns.

Welcome, then, to Arkansas's version, which will turn 100 in 2015.

This is a relatively simple version as these things go. There is space for the State Senate and House, and the old Supreme Court chamber is now used for hearings. The Governor has an office there and a reception area.

The grounds do have some statues and markers around. One of them pays tribute to Confederate soldiers. Veterans and the Little Rock Nine of Central High School also take a bow.

Most of the building seems to be covered with construction tarps when we were there, which cut down on the visual impact of the place. The person in charge of greeting visitors could have been a bit more friendly and helpful too. Still, it's always worth a trip to see democracy in action.

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