Saturday, October 25, 2014

Memphis, Tennessee: The Peabody

When in Memphis, you have to go see the ducks at the Peabody Hotel downtown.

They are marching ducks. Honest.

It seems that the ducks were brought in as a joke and placed in the grand fountain in 1933. No one seemed to mind, so the ducks stayed. They have a regular home up on the roof, and stay there 18 hours a day. At 11 a.m., they march into the elevator, get off at the lobby, and march into the fountain (there are towels) for a swim. Then at 5 p.m., the route is reversed. The place gets very crowded, so get there early.

Here's a picture of two of the ducks in the fountain. He/she are in the lower middle of the picture.

This is a wonderful old hotel. It's worth taking a walk through the lobby. You can see a letter from the manager about a crisis that came up involving the restaurant. There's a fancy French restaurant there, and such places always serve duck. But since that is the symbol of the hotel, the manager wrote a letter stating that no dead ducks would be associated with this hotel. The letter is under glass. Souvenirs are available at the gift shop.

Now, here's they come:


Also, be sure to go to the top floor for a great view of downtown Memphis and the river.

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