Thursday, July 9, 2015

Helsinki, Finland: Havis Amanda Statue

The fact that this is such a distant shot of the statue is not a commentary on the fact that the depicted woman has no clothes on. It's a commentary on the fact it was taken from a bus window.

Say hello to Havis Amanda, a mermaid who is coming out of the ocean with fish at her feet. It is supposed to represent the rebirth of Helsinki, and it created some controversy when it was displayed in 1908. Now, it's considered one of the top public artworks in Helsinki.

According to a Wikipedia writer, there's a great story that goes along with this statue. According to legend, men can increase their sexual potency by washing one's face with the water from the fountain and saying "Rakastaa" (Finnish for loving someone) three times. I did not have the chance to give this a first-hand test.

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