Monday, July 13, 2015

London, England: The Shard

The Shard is relatively new, and doesn't get the publicity on this side of the pond compared to  some of its ancient neighbors in London. Still, it's likely that it will catch up in that department soon.

The structure, formerly known as the London Bridge Tower, is in the Southmark section of London. It goes 87 floors into the sky. You can live there, eat there and work there.

But frequently, people just come to look around. There is an observation desk on the 72nd floor, and the views are pretty terrific. The tallest building in the European Union drew some resistance, as some people no doubt like their London attractions old. But it is quite a spectacle and has changed the skyline.

My picture of the structure was taken on a bridge on a rainy Sunday morning, serving the only purpose of proving I was there. Like the pole in the way? Me neither. A short video is a better idea:

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