Monday, July 13, 2015

London, England: Tower of London

The Tower of London is quite famous, ranking as one of the city's top tourist attractions. My guess is that some people don't know much about it before walking in the front door; it's simply on the to-do list.

Here's a clue: the name is actually Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Tower. And from 1100 to 1952, it served in part as a prison.

Yes, the Royal family has lived there at times over the years. The Tower also has hosted all sorts of government activities over the years. The building has been fought over and celebrated. In other words, you can't write the history of London, or of the United Kingdom, without it.

The place was damaged a bit during World War II, but it was fixed up quickly and visitors (2.4 million in a year, according to one source) constantly stream past. They see the Crown Jewels and see the Executioner's Block.

Let's go inside:

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