Saturday, July 11, 2015

Stockholm, Sweden: Nobel Museum

I know. You're disappointed that you haven't won a Nobel Prize yet.

But you can at least learn about what has to be one of the great honors in civilization by visiting the Nobel Museum in Stockholm.

Alfred Nobel invented dynamite late in the 19th century. Its effects on society were many - where would tunnels and canals be without it?

The stuff also made Nobel a rich man. He decided to fund prizes in physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and peacemaking. (What, nothing for sportswriting?)

Everyone who wins gets a portrait here in the former Stock Exchange. You can pick up a chocolate Nobel Prize if you'd like. Or, you can have a seat in a cafe and have a snack. Along the way, turn your seat upside down. Apparently visiting Nobel winners are asked to sign the bottom of a chair during visits.

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