Saturday, July 11, 2015

Stockholm, Sweden: Stockholm Cathedral

It's another two-fer photo opportunity, this time in Stockholm's Old Town (Gamala Stan for those who prefer it in Swedish).

The main attraction here is in the background slightly, the Stockholm Cathedral. It's the oldest building in the city, with parts of it dating back to 1306. The Bishop has his office there, and a variety of activities have taken place there over the years. And why not, since the Royal Palace is next door. Services are held every Sunday.

In the middle of the square is an obelisk. I had to find a travel book to find out that this object honors the people who helped Sweden in its 1788 war with Russia. Thank you, Rick Steves. Further research translated the inscription: "King Gustav III decided after the peace was gained MDCCXCIX this memory of the citizens of the citizens of Stockholms loyalty and ardour during the war." A tax hike might have gone over better, but it's something.

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