Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Tallinn, Estonia

A visitor once described Tallinn, particularly the Old Town, as Disney does the Middle Ages. There's some truth in that.

Estonia isn't exactly well known in the United States. It was lumped with Latvia and Lithuania as the small Baltic countries who were dominated and controlled by the Soviets for several decades.

But Estonia became free again in 1989, and it has followed the playbook to financial growth perfectly. The West has arrived in full force in the years since then, and it brought a checkbook. There has been plenty of building taking place in this country in the last quarter-century, and the result is a vibrant nation. You can see some of that construction in the picture from Kohtuotsa Viewpoint. The downtown mall wouldn't be out of place in San Francisco, except for the language differences.

Many of the visitors arrive on cruise ships, and they only have a day to look around. The obvious place to go is Old Town. Many of the buildings look ancient, even if they have been remodeled recently. Everything old, then, looks new again. I didn't know the capital city's name before a few months ago, but I won't forget it after a visit.

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