Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Tsarskoye Selo, Russia: Catherine Palace

This page is another problem for the picture editor. The Catherine Palace is filled with amazing rooms. How to pick one? I went with this room, which no doubt hosted some great dinner parties over the years.

In comparison to Peterhof, this castle is a photographer's dream. Pictures are allowed in all but one of the rooms. Catherine the Great hired an architect to build her a summer palace in 1733. She was known as a relatively fair ruler as these things go, but must have been willing to spend a little money when she felt a whim. Catherine had something like 15,000 dresses on hand. No wonder the peasants eventually got upset.

This building was destroyed by the retreating Germans during World War II, but it has been slowly restored to its past glory. They aren't quite done yet, but the Russians did have the original plans and a list of the contents, so this gives you the idea pretty nicely.

Here's a video look at it:

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