Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Montgomery, Alabama: Confederate Post Office

The Confederate States of America placed their first capital in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1861. Once they got done with picking a chief executive and finding him a house, it must have struck someone's mind that the United States post office wasn't going to be all that interested in delivering mail.

So Jefferson Davis reached out to a man named Reagan to start a postal service.

John Reagan, a former Congressman from Texas. He was the right man for the job, getting service up and running in no time.

But there was a catch. By the time the first mailman was on the job, the new nation's capital was in Richmond, not Montgomery. It seemed that Davis wanted to be a lot closer to where the military action was, and that was Virginia.

The sign is at 111 Washington Ave. near South Perry, and it's right in front of the building that first hosted a Confederate postal service headquarters.

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