Thursday, October 22, 2015

Montgomery, Alabama: The Rosa Parks Library & Museum

Sometimes you can start a revolution by doing nothing.

Rosa Parks, a woman of color, was riding the bus in Montgomery in 1955, and she was tired. Back in those days, white people sat in the front of a bus and blacks were sent to the back. If the bus was crowded in the front, the blacks were told to move back.

Parks was tired from a day of work and said simply that she wasn't moving. The bus driver tried to convince her to move, and could not. So he called in the police, and the authorities arrested her.

That led to a massive boycott of the Montgomery bus system, and a lawsuit. It took several months, but eventually the buses became fully integrated. And Parks became a hero to many.

A museum and library has been established in her honor. It's located right where she was arrested, complete with a marker on the street. There is a children's wing, designed to take kids back into time when the incident took place. There's also a full museum which does a nice job of recreating the entire episode. There is separate admission charges for the two areas. It's all part of Troy University.

The welcoming area in the museum is shown in the picture. Nice job.

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