Saturday, October 24, 2015

New Orleans, Louisiana: Holocaust Memorial

The area along the riverfront near downtown in New Orleans has been turned into a nice public park. There are a variety of walking paths and public arts to take in.

One of the most interesting has to be Yaacov Agam’s Holocaust Memorial in Woldenberg Riverfront Park. It's not just one piece of art, it's nine.

That's because it was designed that way. Stand in front of it, and you'll see one image. Walk a short distance on the circular path around it, and find another. And another. And another. Interesting idea.

Agam is an Israeli artist whose works are on display all over the world. This one was dedicated in 2003. According to the New Orleans tourism website, "The sculpture is a tribute to the Jews’ resilience, a call to never repeat the tragedy of the Holocaust, and also an impressive and dynamic work of art."

Very nice.

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