Sunday, July 3, 2016

Möðrudalur, Iceland

We've already done a lot of driving in Iceland. Time for a rest stop for lunch.

A farm in Möðrudalur has some extra facilities just for that purpose. There's a restaurant, gift shop and gas station on the grounds. Apparently this used to be right on the nation's Ring Road (which circles the country, more or less) - until Iceland built a new one a few miles away. Even so, this is a good place for a stop, particularly since there aren't many options in the area.

We saw the home of an arctic fox during our visit here, but the little critter didn't want to parade outside to say hello. He stayed in the tunnel while we were there.

By the way, this is the highest settlement in Iceland - 1,539 feet above sea level. It's also the spot of the coldest moment in the nation's history - about 36 degrees below zero.

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