Sunday, July 3, 2016

Skagafjordur, Iceland: Vidimyri Turf Church

"I have to mow the roof today."

There's a sentence that isn't typed very often. It could apply to the Vidimyri Turf Church, located in North Iceland in the village of Skagafjordur - although the logistics of doing it are beyond my lawn mower's capabilities.

Supposedly there has been a church on this site for about 1,000 years. This one was built in 1834, and is considered such a important historical structure that it is maintained by the National Museum of Iceland. There is a altar inside, with items that date back 400 years, and pews are there for worshipers. A crowd of a couple of dozen people just about fills it.

Visitors can take a walk into the place and also see the grounds. They often wonder - "why turf?" Wood was often in short supply in Iceland, so the the grass filled in the gaps of a roof constructed with driftwood. There are about six such churches in the country.

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